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Fitness—Expectations versus Reality

Fitness—Expectations versus Reality I quit! How many times have you thought that or said it aloud during your fitness journey? There is a harsh wakeup call when starting one’s fitness journey, especially when you are bombarded with Instagram accounts that distort the reality of the process, effort and commitment level required to reach FIT goals.Continue reading “Fitness—Expectations versus Reality”

The Road to Self-Worth

The Road to Self-Worth By now, you must have heard the mantra, YOU ARE ENOUGH. Well, you are, but how often do you doubt that or unconsciously make choices that depreciate your worth as a person. Self-worth is an internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging from others. I’ve foundContinue reading “The Road to Self-Worth”

Navigating my Need for Sleep and Rest Days

 Navigating my Need for Sleep and Rest Days There are two types of rest, the one you get from sleeping enough and the one you get from pencilling-in a rest day for yourself and not putting your body through an intense workout. Both sleeping and resting your body contribute to positively replenishing your mind, body,Continue reading “Navigating my Need for Sleep and Rest Days”

Mental Health Matters!

How are you doing? Really, have you taken the time to check in with yourself lately. Life can get so busy that we can get lost in our routine and because we are functioning, going through the motions, we forget to pause and feel. Common definitions of mental health say it includes our emotional, psychological,Continue reading “Mental Health Matters!”

Should I get a membership or class packs? Most importantly, will I like it?

Before committing to a new exercise routine or even just trying something new it’s perfectly normal to hesitate. As long as that paused moment of reflection doesn’t prevent you from trying something new. Afterall, moving your body will foster a positive change not only physically but also to your mental health. Two things that whenContinue reading “Should I get a membership or class packs? Most importantly, will I like it?”

Let’s get to it, why BFW?

Cause of what you gain and the advantages of being part of an online community. With BFW, you get the same benefits one would have from taking class in a studio. You will receive real-time corrections, you will never go through the same class twice (classes are always progressing), plus you get to choose whereContinue reading “Let’s get to it, why BFW?”

Being a Warrior means…

Being part of a community that is catered to helping me foster a healthy mind, body, and soul from the comfort of my home. It’s having the courage to want to work on myself. It means being encouraged, supported, and uplifted by an environment that albeit virtual has constantly been there to get me moving,Continue reading “Being a Warrior means…”