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Class Options

Group fitness classes that sculpt and tone the entire body in 60 minutes or less!
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  • Barre 60
    is our traditional hybrid workout class that combines elements of Strength training, Pilates, Dance and Yoga. This class offers a 60-minute workout that is low impact, high intensity where we focus on proper technique and use smaller movements to get that sculpted lean body. In this longer workout, you get more time to focus on exercise set up and get more time to stretch. This class is a great way to improve your posture, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. The class is suitable for all fitness levels and requires no previous experience. It is a great way to challenge yourself and have fun while you find a deeper connection to your body. You’ll leave feeling energized and empowered!
  • Power Barre 45 
    is a 45-minute workout focusing on building strength and increasing metabolism. You will be continuously moving using elements of cardio and small movements to help tone your body and increase core strength. Be inspired by upbeat music as you move through dynamic movement sequences that will strengthen and lengthen your muscles.
Barre Equipment:

With Barre 60 or Power Barre 45, equipment is optional. You are working with your own body resistance; the dumbbells, ball, TheraBand, and loop bands are additive. You have the option to buy equipment (recommendations can be given upon request) or you can use what you have around the house.

See the general list of equipment below (and alternatives). To note that not all this equipment is used every class, your trainer will specify at the beginning of class what you’ll need for your workout that day. 


  • A barre for balance—a sturdy chair with a back, a countertop or a banister;
  • Yoga Mat—non-slip surface, carpet;
  • Small loop band/long band—panty hose/tights work well;
  • Ball—pillow or rolled up hand towel;
  • Light (1-2lbs) & Heavy (3-5lbs) weights—canned goods or water bottles that properly fit in your hands; and
  • Optional: Barre socks (socks with grips) or barefoot.


  • PILOXING Barre 30
    is an exciting fitness ‘Barre’ workout, utilizing the same fundamental disciplines from the already world-renowned fitness craze, PILOXING. This 30 min workout is low impact and incorporates elements from Boxing, Pilates and Dance to create a fun cardiovascular workout, with the elements of power, grace and fluidity. Your instructor will guide you through the different blocks while pushing you to your limits.

PB Equipment:

When taking Piloxing Barre, a “barre”, chair, or stable surface is used for added stability and a pair of weighted gloves, which can be purchased upon request.


Live Online Classes can be booked up to 30 minutes before the start time. You will automatically receive the Zoom access link 20 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. To note, classes must be cancelled 1 Hour before the start time or a late cancellation fee will automatically apply.



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