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How Our Thoughts Determine Our Results

How Our Thoughts Determine Our Results

What do you think? How often are we asked this and how often do we actually reply what we think? It feels like a loaded question, I mean there’s the anticipated perceived response the person asking expects and then there’s what we would like to say in the moment. Do we confine ourselves consciously to meet external demands or is this adjustment to meet the anticipated truth done automatically as a reflection of our way of thinking. It leads to believe that beyond that internal battle, there’s the notion that our actions, regardless of what we say, will be tinted by the thoughts we give attention to.

It’s important to take time to analyze our thoughts considering that what we think actually has an impact on what we do, and the results we achieve. Let’s start this conversation with a quote from James Allen that highlights the natural association between what we think and how we act.

“Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results … We understand this law in the natural world, and work with it; but few understand it in the mental and moral world—although its operation there is just as simple and undeviating— and they, therefore, do not cooperate with it.”

What’s great about this quote is that it both states the solution while bluntly articulating how we also fail to recognize and implement it. In other words, our thoughts are at the center of it all—what we think we become. So, if we focus on negative thoughts, we invest our attention/energy into that negativity. Likewise, when we can easily focus on positivity and uplifting our own thoughts. Doing so consistently is important as we are unconsciously driven to experience emotions in sync with our energy (positive or negative), which in turn guides our actions. Wouldn’t you want to act in a manner that contributed to your wellbeing as a person and that of those around. We usually achieve them most when we are able to have a positive “in-look” and outlook.

Our thoughts are powerful conductors of emotions and influence how we feel and in response to these emotions, how we act. There is general consensus that we have control over the way we act but that control is to some extent strongly influenced by our thoughts. Hence, we have to focus our energy on understanding ourselves better to feel in sync and arrive at a harmony between our inner and external self. Considering that if we don’t, we risk limiting our potential by living through a false len, one where we have drawn an inaccurate conclusion about ourselves and work to reinforce them instead of breaking the cycle. As such, we have to get to a point of self-freedom and comfort where we can consistently think the best of ourselves and consequently be our best self.

Take fitness, when we feel strong and think we can do hard things, we do it; we will lift a little heavier and go down that extra inch in our push-up. Likewise, what we think about our body affects our self-confidence and relation with others since the positive or negative energy tied to our thoughts generates an emotional response. If we feel uncomfortable with an aspect of our body, we may feel more self-conscious and be less outgoing as we will be focusing on a silo vision of ourselves, which drains our energy. In that sense, if we think we have a problem we will justify negative behaviours as being linked to that specific problem instead of changing our thinking and reframing the problem. It’s like justifying not exercising because we’re not fit, it creates a cycle of negativity where if we focus on not being fit, we take actions that reinforce that belief. In such a case, the best thing we could do for ourselves is to focus on thinking about how strong we get after each workout, the feeling of accomplishment and thoughts of wellness. We don’t always need to create better circumstances for ourselves; most often, we just need to be kinder to ourselves and think of our potential, our qualities, how loved we are and how much we love who we are and commit to embracing ourselves and growing as individuals.

I learned early on that you have to work hard for everything you want, and it only comes easy after you put in the work, those long hours practicing, preparing and setting yourself up for success.

If our thoughts can help us have such a positive result and be better, why not always use our thinking to our advantage? It seems simple enough, think we’ll succeed, increase our chances of succeeding. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “[y]our beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”

Take fairy tales for example, we grew up with them so it’s relatable; although the happily ever after ending might be a far reach, the idea of it is what’s key here. The heroine faces obstacles throughout the story but also believes in potential, which works to help arrive at happiness; it illustrates a shift in thinking that reinforces positivity and grants the energy to get there.

Now let’s switch things around. To what do you give your attention too? Our thoughts alone don’t really have an impact, it’s the thoughts we focus on and give emotions to that give life to our actions. Our thoughts hold a certain energy so we should focus on consummating into the world the energy and actions we want to happen.

On that note, I have a challenge for you; close your eyes, take a deep breath and still your mind. What are you thinking about? If a negative thought enters, counteract it by thinking of three positive ones. Doing so will help train your thinking to focus on the positive.

It’s impressive when you think about it; how something as intangible as our thoughts affects our ability to develop a FIT lifestyle. By FIT I mean the equilibrium we are able to achieve within the everyday busyness we face; more precisely, I mean the work we choose to do or not to do on our mind, body, and soul. Learning every day is a choice we can make, just as being open minded and choosing healthy food options / using portion control and exercising. It’s a decision we make to choose consistency in giving ourselves the opportunity to drive progress in our lives.

Controlling our thoughts also relates to our ability to not cave in. If we are tired and we focus on that then we actually feel it intensely and will be acting it out. For instance, it might mean our temper is shorter, we justify doing less, eating unhealthy, and not moving. Stated differently, we have the ability to control the thoughts we engage with.

Regardless, don’t feel guilty about your thoughts, we all have those passing judgmental thoughts whether it be for ourselves or others. What’s important is that we don’t stay stuck to those thoughts. There is an incredible number of thoughts that pass through our heads every day, but you can choose which ones you focus on, what energy you want to feel and project into the world.

Final thought, feel powerful! Think about what you want to happen and embrace that feeling to make it happen! Find your inner Warrior!

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Nicole Grant is the proud owner and Master Trainer of Barre Fit Warriors! Nicole was a professional dancer for over 25 years. She graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University's Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance/Pedagogy and over the years acquired a number of certifications in many different forms of fitness. To name a few, she is a certified Yoga Instructor in Hatha, Yin, Restorative & Gravity Yoga. Nicole is also a Certified American Barre Technique Master Trainer/Coach, a Piloxing SSP/Piloxing Barre & Pilates Flow Instructor.

50 thoughts on “How Our Thoughts Determine Our Results

  1. Positive thoughts render positive outcomes. It’s very important to change our mindset and to be able to control our thoughts.

  2. Great post and very true about our thoughts. I realize I have been thinking negatively on something and as I read your post I started to think more positvely and I felt better. Thank you for your insights!

  3. I believe that having a positive outlook is everything in life, without you have failed before you even begin. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Excellent post about mindset and how it impacts our goals. I was challenged by the thought that when someone asks me a question, do I respond based on what is true, or based on what I think they expect to hear?

  5. You always have so much wisdom to share! I think we underestimate the power of mindset and you beautifully capture why we shouldn’t! Thank you for writing this!

  6. I definitely belong in the power of a positive mindset and the impact it has in other areas of your life.

  7. I really needed to read this today. It has been a rough week so far, and I really needed a mindset reset! I love the quote by Ghandi because it’s absolutely true! Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the read and it helped you a little through your rough week. We all need that mindset reset sometimes. Maybe keep the quote somewhere you see. Inspiration is powerful!

  8. Positivity breeds positivity. The more you encourage and cultivate positive thoughts,the more positive life becomes. That is why I always encourage positive affirmations with my clients

  9. Thanks for this! Although I understand this, I really need to focus on using positive thoughts to remove negatively. Your challenge confirmed this.

  10. It’s starts in our mind, our thought eventually turns into action and we have at least close to 6,000 thoughts a day according to online source. It’s important to stay positive.

  11. Thank you for this article! I 100% agree with you, our thoughts affect us in bad way. So last week I started my therapy to figure out why Im so stressed out last year.

  12. I believe our thoughts absolutely frame the way we experience life! We have to learn to release the negative and refocus on the positive. Thanks for this post!

  13. This is a fantastic read and so powerful! Sometimes we do wish life could be a fairytale, but you make the wonderful point that we have to control our thoughts. This takes purpose and intention. You always write so well and make me reflect. Thank you.

  14. This is so good. I am the queen of sabotage when it comes to my thoughts. I am generally a positive person, except when it comes to myself and what I am capable of. Thank you for this helpful post.

  15. The negative thought cycle can be a scary place. I appreciate how specific and helpful this post is. Here’s to having more positive thoughts today!

  16. I found the post so helpful especially this portion, “I learned early on that you have to work hard for everything you want, and it only comes easy after you put in the work, those long hours practicing, preparing and setting yourself up for success.” This is so true in my life right now. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Love this! I am a believer that a positive mindset can change a situation. Our minds are powerful. The more negative you think the more negative things around you will be.

  18. Oh my gosh a positive attitude is everything! It’s so important to set goals and remain positive as you work through a growth process. This is a great article. Thank you for sharing!

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