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Joining the Now Club—Resolutions that Empower

Joining the Now Club—Resolutions that Empower

Over the years, New Year commitments have gotten a bad reputation; they went from being this reverend affair everyone participated in, to something being disdained as they quickly became associated with empty promises.

What if there was a middle ground and benefit to these infamous New Year resolutions? Why do they have to have a bad reputation? The idea shouldn’t be about looking to the past or present but about choosing to set a realistic and attainable goal to empower ourselves as we strive to achieve it. The idea of challenging ourselves is fun and has the potential to keep ourselves accountable as we put out into the world an intention. 

It’s healthy to create for ourselves an environment where we feel challenged and unsure, it’s then that we surpass feelings of self-doubt and achieve newness—something great. I think we can all benefit from setting and working towards meaningful objectives. 

By no means do I mean we should start pressuring ourselves to complete a mad list of objectives but choosing one thing that could serve to better ourselves as individuals is a worthwhile endeavor. I asked clients from my fitness business, Barre Fit Warriors, what their resolutions were, and one said, “to sleep more and feel more rested,” another stated “to exercise more frequently, I’m having trouble being consistent”. These wellness resolutions will take time and commitment to achieve but are attainable. I always try to support my clients in the best manner and give them more tools to help keep them accountable and gain the discipline needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  

When it comes to resolutions, one key thing to remember is that there are no timelines in the sense that it’s never too late or early to modify or set a new one. The change of the year come the end of December is simply a stark reminder of new beginnings and appreciation for what has passed. It’s beneficial to see value in change and to appreciate the things we can’t control such as time, but likewise to be thankful for the things we can control like what we do with our time. Thinking of New Year resolutions for me brings forth the concept of time management and how we can proactively set goals for ourselves that challenge us and forces us to use our time wisely. 

Ever considered being an early riser and joining the 5:00 a.m. club? Given that’s not for everyone but there is something to be said for waking up before everyone else and getting a head start on the day. Taking charge of the day allows us to ensure we can have enough time to achieve all that we want and need in order to maintain a healthy life, like exercising daily. Trying the 5:00 a.m. club a few days a week if you are not a morning person can be beneficial. Having a set routine in the morning and evening helps to maximize sleep when going to bed, and productivity when starting the day—challenging our habits is a way to activate our best health and protect our serenity long-term. Change takes work but working on ourselves should be the greatest privilege considering all the benefits we can reap. Who wouldn’t want to be the best version of themselves? Especially when with the right supportive community or like minded people it’s attainable. 

When it comes to exercising daily, Barre Fit Warriors takes half the pressure away as your workouts can be done from the comfort of your home or when you’re on the go in the office or on vacation. Saving the hustle and bustle when it comes to working out is one less stress and an increased possibility of reaching that fitness-based resolution. Plus, as a Fitness Coach, I take away the guesswork; you can workout confidently knowing you’re doing the right exercises for your body and have proper form to avoid injuries.   

We’ve all done online fitness classes or seen a YouTube video, but have you ever taken a class online where you actually get a personal trainer? Barre Fit Warriors’ live stream classes have changed the game! We don’t just livestream and expect clients to follow along, you actually get a fitness coach that pays attention to your body’s form and makes sure you are working correctly and safely. It’s much more motivating and ensures you’re pushing yourself with every workout! With my coaching, these low impact full body workouts are safe for the joints and guarantee you’ll feel that satisfying  barre burn. 

More so, as the prices for everything are rising it can get expensive to focus on health—it’s a financial and time investment. In person gym memberships are continuously rising and may not be in the budget. It was important for me to have a fitness business where classes were accessible in all senses of the word, so I offer modifications to work appropriately for all body types and respect different range of motions and keep prices as low as possible to offer quality classes at a competitive price. New clients can get their first class for $5, which is less than a coffee and better for our health long-term. Barre Fit Warriors is one company that has made it easy for all to try something new and to commit and achieve that resolution of regular, consistent movement. Come see for yourself! You’ll never see a Barre class the same way. 


In the last two years, if living in a global pandemic has taught me anything, it is that health and wellness are a richness and one we are lucky, for the most part, to be able to work towards. Focusing on our health and wellness—mental, physical, and emotional—doesn’t have to be complicated, it only requires the act of starting to undertake small concrete actions. Having a supportive community to guide that journey makes all the difference. 

Let’s keep in mind that choosing a resolution doesn’t entail a perfect journey, there will likely be missteps along the way and that’s okay but consider these missteps as beginnings rather than endings. Journeys are rarely linear. Implement changes you’ll stick too. Saying you’ll start working out every day when you’re starting off isn’t being kind to yourself and it can be discouraging if you can’t maintain the rhythm. It’s better to start small and enjoy your workouts and that feeling of empowerment after each session knowing you are contributing to shaping your mentality, physical and emotional strength in a manner that will benefit you for the rest of your life.  

What will your resolution be? Remember to have fun with it, we are doing these resolutions for ourselves after all. Get ready to enter the New Year feeling light and empowered by focusing on the now! 

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Nicole Grant is the proud owner and Master Trainer of Barre Fit Warriors! Nicole was a professional dancer for over 25 years. She graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University's Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance/Pedagogy and over the years acquired a number of certifications in many different forms of fitness. To name a few, she is a certified Yoga Instructor in Hatha, Yin, Restorative & Gravity Yoga. Nicole is also a Certified American Barre Technique Master Trainer/Coach, a Piloxing SSP/Piloxing Barre & Pilates Flow Instructor.

47 thoughts on “Joining the Now Club—Resolutions that Empower

  1. Finding the time and energy to exercise is my problem. Went to the gym for years and loved how good I felt then. Need to get back at it!

    1. I get it!! Come join Barre Fit Warriors. We have a 6am class. I will keep you engaged and you’ll feel great. No hassle of going to the gym you can do it from home. You’ll have me as your personal coach.

  2. This is such an encouraging post thanks for sharing. I have the desire to take better care of myself it is just getting into that routine that I struggle with.

    1. Hi Erin, You should come try out a class with Barre Fit Warriors. It’s great community where you not only get supported in your fitness journey but also developing a healthy lifestyle. Reach out if you want to chat more.

      1. I love getting up early and working out, it gives me energy and a mood boost. And I agree that the new year is not the only time to make resolutions. You can start forming healthy habits at any time. Just decide what and when and then make it happen.

    1. Thats okay, everyone is different. You may be more motivated throughout the day or evening. Do keep in mind it takes approximately 12 weeks to develop a new schedule. Sometimes longer!!

  3. You offer some great insight and reflection here! I always think New Year’s is a time for reflection and not crazy resolutions that we can’t keep. I love the concept of wellness resolutions that will add to our lives.

  4. I enjoy making it to the gym! I wake up early everyday to work, but I fit in time for the gym usually mid morning. Great motivation!

  5. I’m an early bird and found that if I get up at 5:00 that gives me enough time to stick to my exercise routine. I have done this in the past and it works. I have a 4 year old and I’m tired so I have been getting up late recently and I usually have time for a very short work out. I would like to stick to a goal of getting up earlier to have a longer work out. That will be my goal for this year!

  6. I agree there’s no timelines on getting priorities and goals in the new. Thanks for the inspiration for working out. That’s on my list this year. 🙂

  7. Thanks for posting this, was really looking forward to some motivations, only issue is the not getting enough motivation to go to the gym – however planning to hit the gym for sure in 2023.

  8. It’s so important to take care of oneself. My new year resolution was do to more exercise and I started a 30-day yoga challenge in late December up until now I’m still super motivated 🙂

  9. Great post, thanks for the motivation! Taking care of my physical health have always helped me with my mental health, this year I would like to continue going to the gym and being mindful of how much it helps me in all other aspects of my life.

  10. Whether it’s your mental health, physical, or immune health; it all starts with a healthy lifestyle. Because life has its ways of getting us down and beating us up. It’s good to know there are LOTS more blogs out there that fill that needed niche! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  11. I used to dance competitively as a teen, and barre fitness has always intrigued me. Although I’m afraid to try due to my fibromyalgia. I do think this would be a great goal to empower yourself! Thanks for sharing, and I hope to learn more!

    1. Hi Julie, I think you would absolutely love Barre Fitness, especially if you loved dance as a teen. Don’t be afraid. You’ll be in safe hands with me as your coach. I have other clients with fibromyalgia and they have benefited from adding Barre to their day to day activity. You won’t know until you try a class, you do it from the comfort of your home and I guide you through and make sure you are working properly and efficiently.

  12. I totally agree that you have to start small for your goals! For me, there’s no way I would stay motivated if I didn’t have small goals that can be easily achieved!

    1. Great post and good reminder that daily routines help to make you more productive. I love the idea of working out in your own home! So convenient!!

  13. I never used to be a morning person. But my husband is in the military and is used to waking up at 5 am and working out. I’ve slowly changed over the years and I now love being up early. It’s the only time I have to get a work out in before my crazy days. Great post! More people need to read encouragement like this.

  14. My goal is to have a more healthier lifestyle in 2023 and your blog just reinvigorated that goal! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Whitney, I’m so glad to hear the blog helped. You should come try out one of my online Barre Fitness classes. I will definitely keep you motivated and would love to work with you on your fitness goals. For more info you can further explore my website and book a class there (FYI $5 for your first class) or email me at to chat more.

  15. I think that the smallest habits that we start introducing into our daily routines are the ones that matter the most. For me, getting up early has changed my life! I don’t feel the rush of being late or having to get ahead anymore, plus I can take a moment for myself to meditate and exercise.

  16. I made a goal to work out at least 3 days/week and be mindful of making sure my workouts are adjusted based on the needs of my cycle. 🙂

  17. I have a great morning routine except that I’m on and off with starting my day at 5am. I think I need an accountability partner or a 5am group to join in- any suggestions?

    1. Hi Lani, Good for you starting your routine early. Great way to set yourself up for a successful day. It all depends on what you are looking for in a partner or group to stay accountable. I have a great 6am crew that works out together and they help each other accountable. Reach out if you are interested.

  18. Saying you’ll do resolutions and actually doing them are two very different things. It’s all about motivation and a willingness to take the extra step. There’s a lot of good advice in here too! I’ll definitely keep them in mind! Thank you so much for sharing!

  19. I would love to get an earlier head start on my days by waking up at 5am and increasing my productivity. I plan to take better care of myself by going to sleep at a decent hour, eating well-rounded meals, and taking the time for daily movement and meditation.

  20. My biggest resolution is to continue what I started last year. I started seeing a functional nutritionist and have learned a lot about how food affects how I feel. For example he told me I needed to cut out sugars – meaning carbs – and I thought this would be really hard because I LOVE (D) breads and pastas. But once I set my mind to it, it’s been far easier than I thought and I’ve completely cut pastas out, and MOST bread! I love feeling good and plan to continue down this path of wellness and nutrition.

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