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Let’s get to it, why BFW?

Cause of what you gain and the advantages of being part of an online community.

With BFW, you get the same benefits one would have from taking class in a studio. You will receive real-time corrections, you will never go through the same class twice (classes are always progressing), plus you get to choose where you workout. How about the added benefit of saving on the travel time? The days are already so busy it’s great to save time without compromising on the quality of your workout! 45 minutes or an 1h is easy to fit in.

Bonus, with BFW, you are joining an inclusive safe space for all bodies, minds, and souls because at BFW we believe that together, we are stronger.

BFW offers a Barre Fitness method that is for everyone, at every level! It’s an excellent start for those who have never worked out before and want to begin a fitness journey, anyone in recuperation from an injury, as well as professional athletes.

Come join our community today!


Published by barrefitwarriors

Nicole Grant is the proud owner and Master Trainer of Barre Fit Warriors! Nicole was a professional dancer for over 25 years. She graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University's Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance/Pedagogy and over the years acquired a number of certifications in many different forms of fitness. To name a few, she is a certified Yoga Instructor in Hatha, Yin, Restorative & Gravity Yoga. Nicole is also a Certified American Barre Technique Master Trainer/Coach, a Piloxing SSP/Piloxing Barre & Pilates Flow Instructor.

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