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Barre Fit Warriors
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 12 reviews
 by Sarah
Best coach ever!

I don't usually join a gym or fitness classes. Barre Fit Warriors is unlike any exercise program I have tried. Every workout with Nicole is different. So not only do your muscles get a workout, but so does your brain! Nicole gets to know her clients and adapts exercise for individual situations. She always takes time to help you reach your goal. I joined to get ready for skiing in the Alps and now I'm addicted! My ski days can last twice as long because my muscles are stronger and my balance is better. It's helped my cycling too.

 by Sharon O'Sullivan
A joyful route to fitness

Just left a google review but I'll add a brief one here too. So grateful I came across Barre Fit Warriors - Nicole is talented, fun, and I'm seeing the difference! What a fun and injury-free way to get fit. This place is a keeper. Nicole, you will see me show up, in increasingly svelte dancer-form, until they cart me away to an old age home 🙂

 by Carol
Great workouts!

Very excited to have discovered Barre Fit Warriors. Classes are always fantastic, it's never the same class. Nicole is so creative in creating a variety. She really keeps me motivated, I've lost inches and feel great in my 60's. She is awesome. Love, Love these classes.

 by Jess
Simply the best

Nicole is an exceptional teacher and trainer who motivates her clients to push their boundaries and achieve their goals. She also creates a supportive fitness community where individuals of all fitness levels and sizes can come together in health. I love how challenging her classes are and that she takes the time to correct form when needed. This ensures that I get the most out of each Barre or Piloxing class and motivates me to work harder. I can't recommend BFW enough!!!

 by Traceylyn
Thanks Barre Fit Warriors!

I look forward to Barre Fit Warriors’ classes daily and not only for Nicole Grants’ diverse workouts but also to seeing familiar faces. Both encourage me to work harder and I feel supported by my fellow health friends.

Funny, in such a quick time I found a deep community feel and friendships within Barre Fit Warriors. Welcoming new Warriors feels so great as it just grows our community. We are one, we are Warriors!

On another note, Barre Fit Warriors never has the same workout. Every day is new. It’s always challenging, engaging and the workout playlists are fun. Always impressed. Thanks Barre Fit Warriors!

 by Kaiti
Couldn't ask for a better community

Love Nicole and Barre Fit Warriors! This community is the most supportive and I enjoy every class. I've never been more consistent with a fitness routine but with this group and Nicole as an amazing teacher, it makes it so easy to show up every week and have fun!

 by Marci
Like having a personal trainer!

Nicole is a fantastic instructor and is amazing at providing individual instruction and correction. So much so that my brother listening in another room thought I was having a class with a personal trainer!

 by Johanna
Nicole is the best teacher ever!

There are so many reasons why Nicole is a top-notch teacher, here are just a few:

Nicole is constantly coming up with new ways to challenge us. No two workouts are ever the same! But guaranteed every class will work your legs, butt, arms, shoulders and abs, plus more!

Nicole has an eagle eye - she will make sure your technique is perfect so that you will get the maximum benefit out of every exercise. I can't emphasize the importance of this enough. Too many teachers fail to make corrections - bad technique at best means not getting the full benefit of the exercise and at worst can cause injury.

Nicole understands the importance of stretching, and makes sure that we have several glorious moments of stretching in every class. This is my favourite part of the class! 🙂

Thanks to Nicole's barre classes, I am stronger than ever before! After two pregnancies, I really needed to strengthen my abs, back and butt, and Nicole has helped me achieve that. My belly is finally starting to look flat again!

 by Melissa
Incredible trainer and classes!

Nicole is absolutely amazing at what she does! She is professional and really knows how to motivate you. She is encouraging and positive. Nicole pushes you so you get the most out of your workout. She is fantastic at providing corrections and feedback so that you don’t injure yourself and are doing the exercise correctly. I highly recommend taking her classes. She’s the best!

 by Bianca
Review of BFW - What it represents to me

Highly recommend!

Barre classes are really great at strengthening your muscles and toning your body. No matter your age. You DO You, like Nicole Grant the owner and Master Trainer of Barre Fit Warriors says.

I wanted a sport to tone my body and burn fat all while improving a large range of flexibility. I get that from BFW classes, where I protect my body by performing small isometric movements using my own body resistance, and holding certain positions to really 'feel the burn'. Sometimes dumbbells and resistance bands are added into the mix to create added resistance.

After a couple of classes l thought it would become easy, but it actually gets more challenging the more you progress, and with Nicole Grant as your trainer she sees everything and pushes you to get the most out of an exercise.

Doing online barre is very convenient as I can do it in the comfort of my home with still the same quality of a certified trainer and experienced professional. Thank you Nicole Grant for your dedication, and for all the knowledge and passion of fitness you share with us, your clientele.

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